Safety Precautionary Measures in place Covid-19


Covid-19 Safety Precautions at Custom Carpentry & Construction
Note to all our customers, clients, suppliers, families, friends and team members.

Date: Thursday 12th March 2020

The management of the coronavirus (COVID-19) is an emerging situation. Mark Henshaw and my team of tradespeople wish to reassure you that in light of this recent outbreak of Covid-19 virus we have implemented additional precautionary measures to safeguard the health and wellbeing of everyone we work with at sites, premises, private homes and all locations that we have projects on.

In the spirit of transparency and to play our part in mitigating the risk we have taken proactive containment measures. We have incorporated the following measures as part of our daily working conditions:

1. All of our commercial vans are fitted with anti-bacterial hand sanitizers and antiseptic hand wash stations. Vans are also equipped with sterile latex gloves, masks, wipes and sponges 💦
2. All working tools and equipment 🔨⚒are cleaned with disinfectant solution every morning before work commences, during the afternoon and at evening time at the end of our working day✔
3. Closed Bins supplied with liners are provided for tissues, paper towels and wipes used at the job sites and are removed and disposed of at the end of every day. Bins are then sterilised ready for the next day of work. This process is repeated every day.✔
4. Work-Wear: Sweatshirts, Trousers and Underlayers are worn once and then washed (changed daily)✔
👷‍♂️👷‍♂️Helmets, Gloves, Hi-Vis garments and Safety Boots – each worker has their own set assigned to each individual person, items are NOT shared. All footwear is immersed in antiseptic, disinfectant solution before entry to every home and business, units and premises we visit✔

In addition all of our team have been briefed on adopting the following practices in line with public health advice-
• Hands are washed regularly with soapy water or anti-bacterial solutions. Frequent hand washing is practiced especially after sneezing, if hands become soiled, after eating and after toilet use.
• Practicing good respiratory hygiene-covering mouths and noses with a tissue when sneezing and discard used tissue into closed bins provided or to sneeze into the crook of elbows.
• Advised to avoid touching eyes, nose or mouths with their hands and Social Distancing practiced.

As the virus continues to spread we also ask that if we are scheduled to commence a project with you and you have become unwell please make us aware so that we can plan around it. Also if you have recently returned from a high-risk country overseas in the last 14 days please also make us aware as we can work our diary around it.
We want to work together as best we can and get through this period with as little disruption as possible 👍

Thank you for your continued support and kindness 🤗
If you have any questions or need advice or some reassurance please don’t hesitate to give me a call on
Thank you
Mark Henshaw

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